The ML1 compiler is a FREE script driven macro cross compiler that runs on DOS or DOSEMU/Freedos with a 386 or better CPU.

The latest version of the ML1 compiler was posted on: 01/03/2018 and represents 10 years worth of upgrades.

The latest website update was posted on: 05/12/2018 (ML1LNG7K.ZIP)

Features Include:

Download The ML1 Compiler and Documentation (2.5 Megs): ml1lng7k.zip

ML1LNG7K.ZIP works the same as ML1LANG7.ZIP, and ML1LNG7I.ZIP except for improved documentation for installing and using ML1 (or anything) with FREEDOS & FREEDOS/DOSEMU, repaired demo FACTORS4.ML1, an added subroutine XTABS.ML1, and ML1LNG7I has some (perhaps confusing) debugging junk left in.

Anything here written in ML1 (including the compiler) can be freely re-distributed, as-is, in its' original unaltered *.ZIP format.

To the best of my knowledge (SDN) anything else here can also be re-distributed according to the individual copyrights and license agreements.

Be sure to use the -d (preserve directories) option if you use PKUNZIP to unzip ML1 Packages:


After unpacking the archives read 'LICENSE.TXT' and 'INSTALL.TXT' in the ML1E directory. Other documentation is in the ML1E\DOC directory; check '0INDEX.TXT' for a full description.

Useful DOS Utilities for Download:

convert.zip :ML1 Compiler Add-On. Convert ML1 NASM pseudo-ops to 6502 or other CPU.

doshelp2.zip :A Short Tutorial on Using DOS, and DOSEMU with Linux, (Updated 1/16/2017).

buscard2.zip :Simple Business Card Maker for PCL5 (Most) Printers, Also Make Tearoff Adds. in 4 Sizes. Written in ML1.

banner2.zip :Have a Scrolling LED Like Display Advertisement for Your Business. Writen in ML1, (Updated 2/1/2017).

invoice2.zip :An Easy to use Invoice Program. Written in ML1. Note: If you downloaded INVOICE.ZIP please get INVOICE2.ZIP. INVOICE.ZIP had a BUG!

envprnt2.zip :Address and Print Envelopes and Postcards, Written in ML1.

med.zip :An Easy to use Programmer's/Text Editor. Written in ML1.

tpe34.zip ;Another programmer's editor which works with multiple files.

ispell40.zip :DOS Spelling Checker. Works With MED, Includes the Sourcecode.

timer2.zip :Racing Start Timer. Counts 10 Seconds With Huge Numbers, Then Displays a Green Flag. Written in ML1.

dragtree.zip :Drag Racing 'Christmas Tree' Start Timer. Written in ML1.

addcol.zip :A Free-Form .TXT File Spreadsheet Program. Written in ML1.

pr.zip :Print Text Files With Filename and Page Number Headers. With ML1 source.

cavity.zip :Cut Cavities On Manual Milling Machine or Output G-CODE File for CNC Machine. Written in ML1.

factors.zip :A BASIC and 3 Versions of an ML1 Prime Number Factor Program. You Need the ML1 Compiler Installed to Compile These.

diff23.zip :DIFF Finds Differences In Text Files

list76a.zip :A Menu Based Text File Browser (Good for reading ASM Sourcecode)

mmd100.zip :An Interesting Assembly Language Debugger

awk320.zip :The AWK Programming Language for Text Translation

qbnws1-3.zip ;Quick-BASIC newsletters, programs, sourcecode, ideas. (760K)

fixtime.zip ;Adjust, (Fine Tune) DOS clock for realtime programs and accuracy, with ASM sourcecode, and linkable OBJ files.

unz50p1.exe :An Unzipper In a Self Extracting Zip

Note: Virus check UNZ50P1.EXE yourself; SDN hasn't had any problems with it.

txtutils.zip :16 Useful Filter Programs For Text File Translation

fdbasecd.iso :FREEDOS, Burn To a CD-R, Boot and Run DOS From a CD Without Installing, (8 Megs). See the FREEDOS Website for the Sourcecode.

Sourcecode for the NASM Assembler Included with the ML1 Compiler:

nasm098s.zip :Sourcecode for NASM Assembler

nasm098d.zip :Sourcecode for NASM Documentation

nasm098t.zip :NASM Documentation in a Text File

nasm098r.zip :NASM16.EXE 16 bit DOS version of NASM

nasm098p.zip :NASM.EXE 32 bit DPMI version of NASM

csdpmi4b.zip :Run 32 bit DPMI DOS Programs on OLDER Versions of DOS

csdpmi4s.zip :Sourcecode for CSDPMI4B

nasm-2.12.02-dos.zip :Newer 32 bit version of NASM for DOS, assembles x16,32, and 64 bit programs.

nasm-ide.zip ;An older Integrated Development Environment for DOS NASM, (2004). The NASM website may have a newer version.

asmref-0.9.58.tar.gz :Linux system calls in plain english for programming Linux in ASM.

Unpack with: tar -xzf asmref-0.9.58.tar.gz

asmkit1.zip ;3 Megs of Intel based 16 and 32 bit sourcecode and tutorials, 2 linkers, DPMI Code, an ASM editor, etc.

Assembly Language Programming Links:

x64-assembly-intro ;Introduction to Intel x64 assembly, only 13 pages and to the point.

intel-manuals ;Intel x16,32 and 64 bit processor manuals.

AMD-manuals ;AMD processor manuals.

Commodore C-64 and Commodore C-128 Programs:

Back in the 1980's I wrote some Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 software which I have rescued off dusty old 1541 disks. Here is a feature filled Business Invoicing program and some general purpose utility programs in the hope that they will be useful to someone out there, all in a single ZIP (IBM format): sdnc64.zip

6502-ml1.zip ;C-64 & C-128 6502 assembly language & ML1 sourcecode command set, make macros or use as-is.

c-hack.zip ;1.7 Megs of C-64 and C-128 sourcecode and programming tutorials.

ymosend.zip ;Send a CBM disk to another computer via a C-128, Ymodem and a 3 wire null-modem cable, with ML1 and ASM sourcecode.

6502em2.zip ; Here is an Upgraded 6502 Microprocessor Emulator for DOS written in BASIC that emulates C-64 and C-128 Kernal input/output routines and includes the emulator sourcecode, demo programs, an Assembler, A C-128 Seismograph Program, History of the ML1 compiler, and more, all written in ML1.

Questions, comments, suggestions to: sdn45478@gmail.com